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Loving our Friends through Loss

Last night I sat in a circle beside a friend who said that she had

No Hope

And as her body shook with anguish, I encircled her in my arms

Protecting her Heart

so that she would not be alone in THAT world~

a World She Never Gets to Leave

returning “home” to babies who cry for their father

And I don’t know how she drives Molly to school

and changes Seth’s diaper

and plays with Lucas in the sand

I don’t know how she mends the fences

and tends the chickens and the horses

and steps one foot in front of the other into another day without HIM

I see her grown thin

and begin to fade

I want to save her

as if she’s drowning

I crawl into bed beside

my own  husband

with a throbbing head

and wake drenched to the bone in sadness

Sorrow’s Soup

And I can’t shake it

not with chai or a massage or work or the paper

Until we walk around the pond at dusk

into the magical mossy lichen covered forest

beside the still waters

and the pebbled bottom

and the tender rushing

And where upon crossing, I find

Red Berries


White Blossoms

And i hope

And i pray

That maybe Joy has had a better day

because i took a turn

Carrying her Pain


Kelly Salasin, Mothers Day 2009


Lifelong educator, writer, retreat & journey leader, yoga & yogadance instructor.

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