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Made for these times

I know what it is to have those upon whom you depend be… undependable.

When instead of protecting and providing, they lead you into fear and despair and overwhelm.

I learned long before my time that collapsing among them was not an option. Not if I wanted a different outcome. Not if I cared about those who were less sufficient than me.

This is how I know that turning away and throwing up our hands isn’t a viable option at this moment in history; neither is overworking ourselves and our hearts into the ground.

Countries, like families, (and writing books), are journeys for the long-haul, though I too prefer the sprint.

We can’t do everything. We won’t help everyone in all the ways needed. We will never be enough.

But what is enough is our intention. Our vision. That we take some action on behalf of others. That we care for ourselves along the way. That we spend time simply being. At ease in ourselves and in our surroundings. Listening. Watching. Tuning in. Sourcing wisdom.

Like everything else in life, this will look different for each one of us. Just the way we appear differently, love differently, pray & play differently too.

And that’s the invitation. To find and hone and accept the responsibility of our own ways and strengths.

I am so grateful to this administration and to the 45th President of the United States of America. I truly believe that he has helped form a more perfect union, awakening us to the privilege and devotion of citizenship, and joining us more intimately with those who struggle around the globe, aligning us more dearly with those with whom we share a vision for a safe and healthy and vibrant world.

When the time is ripe, I look to his impeachment, preferably by a Congress of Women–representing both parties.

Alas, what I hear inside is: “Not yet, not yet,” and sometimes I feel like I can’t bear it any longer.

But we were made for times like these.

Be strong. Be compassionate. Be your own friend.

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