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This is a beautifully rendered film with an exceptional cast of women (and men)–each playing a “supportive” role (rather than taking center stage) in the story of how lives are shaped.

“Evening” takes place during a single weekend–in the past–and in the present.  In doing so, it weaves together the fabric of the future with a tender, but delicate touch.

The film richly explores the period known as “transition” with a blending of spirit, memory, resolution and love.  A graceful hospice worker has a formative role.  The relationship between two sisters is stretched and reflected and deepened.

I recommend this lovely film to all, but especially to those wondering about the last days of a loved one’s life.  This is a particularly powerful film for daughters and sisters.  And for those, like me, who benefit from a regular dip in the mystery.

PS.  Gorgeous scenes of New Port Cliffs–and a mansion, for good measure 🙂

Kelly Salasin