About The Motherless Muse

It’s in the essential that life is a good mother.”

Noelle Oxenhandler, The Wishing Year

My mother & my son Aidan.

This blog was born out of the grief of my mother’s passing, and ultimately seeks to traverse the landscape of loss–and healing–throughout a lifetime.

Kelly Salasin



3 thoughts on “About The Motherless Muse

  1. I read this memoir in the Commons as “Nine Step-Grandchildren” and was overwhelmed. I could not put it down. You are such an amazing writer. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I love how you say your turned “toward expressing what others refused to see or say or acknowledge.” This is the definition of a writer. I hope this becomes a book because it is certainly worthy of a larger audience. I love this piece, and hope others will love it as much as I do. Thank you for all your effort and time and honesty.

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